Here’s What You Should Do Before Your Waxing Appointment

Tips From a Professional Esthetician

Planning to book a waxing appointment? If you are, you’re probably searching for a licensed and trustworthy esthetician who can help you get rid of unwanted body hair and make your skin smooth and silky. But, while finding the right waxing expert is important, you shouldn’t stop there! To get the best possible results, you should also take some steps that will help you have a successful waxing experience. Here are some of the things that you must do:

Take a warm shower

You’ll want to open up your pores before your waxing appointment to ensure that each strand of hair can be easily lifted away. The best way to open your pores is to take a warm shower right before your appointment.

Exfoliate your skin

Doing this is important since it removes dead skin cells and allows hairs to break through the skin surface. This, in turn, can help prevent the development of ingrown hair, which can be painful and even become infected.

Keep your skin product-free

Before your waxing appointment, you need to stay away from oils, gels, lotions, and other beauty products. These can interfere with the hair removal process and make waxing less effective, which means that you might not be able to get rid of all unwanted body hair and that you’ll end up wasting time and money.

Stay away from pain triggers

Waxing is a highly effective hair removal method, but it can also be painful. Fortunately, you can minimize the pain levels that you feel by avoiding exercising and drinking alcohol and caffeine before your appointment since these activities can increase your blood flow and cause you to feel more pain.

Have a successful waxing appointment by taking the steps above! If you need more tips, or if you’re looking for a reliable esthetician, don’t hesitate to call Madelyn's Esthetics. Dial (925) 580-0573 now to take advantage of our professional solutions in Livermore, CA!

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