Beyond Waxing Hair Removal Service in Livermore, CA; We Provide Beautiful Eyelash Extensions Too!

Eyes are the window to your soul, they say. That is probably why a lot of people invest in ways of keeping their eyes as beautiful as possible. With eyelash extensions, you can effortlessly have beautiful tantalizing eyes. But be very careful about who you let do your eyelashes. Only trust well-versed professionals for your next eyelash extensions schedule. You can never go wrong in choosing Madelyn's Esthetics for the job. While we’re known for impeccable waxing hair removal, our eyelash extension services also come highly recommended for the people in Livermore, CA and those residing in the nearby places.

What can you expect after getting eyelash extensions?

Don’t like putting mascara? It might be time to get a better solution that can also for days with proper care. Eyelash extensions will add volume to your lashes naturally. You don’t have to get take it out every day as it can last for weeks if properly installed and cared for. It will surely draw people into your eyes. Compared to putting a mascara, high-quality lash extensions are safer for your eyes. But you have to get it done by an expert professional to ensure high-quality and safe results. Need not worry as you can always turn to Madelyn's Esthetics. We don’t only provide exceptional waxing hair removal services, we offer impeccable eyelash extensions too.

What can you expect from hiring us?

You will likely find numerous other companies in Livermore, CA that offer similar services. If you are looking for exceptional customer care, there is no doubt that Madelyn's Esthetics is the company you should turn to. All the professionals in our salon are highly experienced. You can trust your beautiful fuller and fluffier lashes into our expert hands. You can also avail of our waxing hair removal services.

To learn more about our impeccable offers, never hesitate to give us a call at (925) 580-0573 now!

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